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WebinarKit Review: A “No-Brainer” Software to Pay for

I assume you’re reading this review because you have now realized the power of Webinars & how much business can be made using tools like WebinarKit.

What is WebinarKit?

WebinarKit is a webinar streaming tool that can be used to create evergreen, like-live, just-in-time, and instant watch webinars in few simple steps. With it’s automation capabilities, you can automate evergreen webinars to bring qualified leads & sales for your business 24*7 – on autopilot.

What are automated Webinars?

An automated webinar is a webinar session that runs on autopilot – without having to put additional efforts in webinar presentation if the presentation is available (pre-recorded sessions or videos). These Webinars aren’t actually live, but simulate like-live experience amongst attendees.

Webinars can be fully or partially automated.

When an evergreen Webinar is automated, you can generate new leads consistently without having to put any additional efforts in running the Webinar & working from Scratch.

Why Webinars are important?

Popular surveys[1] & studies indicates Webinars must be a critical element of your digital marketing strategy. Many businesses believe:

  • Webinars can really outperform other lead generation channels.
  • Leads created via Webinars are highly relevant a.k.a qualified or hot leads
  • Webinars have lower cost per leads spending
  • Webinars have direct impact on your sales pipeline & revenue

If we look at some Webinar stats[2]

  • You can make $11,286 from a single webinar
  • One Webinar can get you over 500 leads
  • Between 2% and 5% of attendees will buy from you

With so much being said, Webinars are definitely a powerful marketing channel. It helps your business increase brand awareness/authority, reach targeted account & generate more qualified leads.

About WebinarKit

What is Webinar Kit?

WebinarKit is a webinar streaming tool that can be used to create evergreen, like-live, just-in-time, and instant watch webinars in few simple steps. With it’s automation capabilities, you can automate evergreen webinars to bring qualified leads & sales for your business 24*7 – on autopilot.

WebinarKit is super easy to use & when executed well, it generate new leads consistently without many additional efforts of you or on the part of one who’s present in the webinar.

👉 My Fair Verdicts About WebinarKit 👈

I highly recommend this tool because it’s really easy to use – the steps are straightforward & it comes at a whopping limited time period offer of $79 for lifetime, when other software costs you $99 a month.

Important note: WebinarKit is offering this tool at a discounted price because they want to market & grow at scale to gain market tration. Once they’ve have enough milestones achieved, they’ move on to a recurring monthly plan. Don’t miss the opportunity to create automated webinars for lifetime.

WebinarKit Features & Capabilities Review

Webinars are a big part of many businesses.

  • Course sellers often host free webinars on various topics to educate their audience – and in return they collect your emails & also promote course.
  • SaaS companies often host free webinars educating audience on how their tool can be leveraged
  • Any organization hosting onboarding webinar to educate customer more briefly on the product

Similarly there can be many case studies for using Webinars – and investing in a webinar building software like WebinarKit is unquestionably a good choice.

Setting up evergreen webinars that run on autopilot is easy with WebinarKit.

Schedule Your Webinars

With WebinarKit, you can schedule your Webinars so they reoccur as often as you want.

This primarily helps to offer multiple timing slots of your Webinar – so registrants can have more flexibility to join your Webinar as per their convenience.

You want the Webinar to reoccur & show up everyday, can be done! You want the Webinar to reoccur multiple times a day – that too is possible.

You can be specific with date, days, timings & timezones – and based on the schedules you’ve set, the Webinar reoccurs.

WebinarKit also has a “Just in time” option available, when enabled, it allows registrants to join your webinar right away – this maximizes webinar attendance!

The more flexible timings of your Webinar, the more number of registrants & live attendees you’ll get.

These all features make it very convenient for potential registrants to watch the Webinar – that eventually gets you more sales.

Live Chat

This is an awesome feature by WebinarKit to supercharge your Webinar Engagement.

When live chat option enabled, the Webinar attendees can interact with each respond in messages – and you or your team as well.

So if you’re relying on automated evergreen Webinars, using this Live chat feature helps attendees feel like-live experience.

You can take questions from the live chat, spark a conversation to let attendees interact with each other or anything you could think of.

Live chat is a great feature to keep the attendees engaged as most of the attendees would skip before half the Webinar is over.

Chatbot Simulator Pro

This feature is a little different from the Live chat feature.

WebinarKit offers an upsell of “Chatbot Pro” addon that allows you to put in messages in Webinar chat from any name & add any text

You can add any name & message – and set when it’s going to display in chat.

It’s another powerful feature you can leverage to answer frequently asked questions about your products or setup messages that arouse curiosity & engagement amongst other Live attendees.

These customized chats are definitely a value adder to the Webinar – encourage engagement amongst Live attendees by driving curiosity around your product.

I hope you’ve got the idea!

Templates & Customizable Landing Pages

An automated evergreen webinar consists of primarily three landing pages:

  • The Webinar information or Registration Page
  • Webinar registration confirmation & Thank You Page
  • Webinar Countdown & WatchRoom link

These landing pages must also be optimized for better conversions. This optimization may include things like A/B testing with Title, Description, Thumbnail, In-Body content & more.

In between the same, you would also want to match these landing pages with the theme of your business.

With WebinarKit, you can customize these landing pages too.

I won’t say WebinarKit offers the best landing pages – but they really have very simple ones & the simplest convert the best.

You can also integrate conversion tracking, analytics & other scripts as well in these landing pages.

Clean Analytics

WebinarKit also provide you some simple data that’s definitely helpful in improving your Webinar campaigns.

  • Webinar attendees dropout timings graph
  • Traffic
    • Registration Page Visitors
    • Webinar Registrants
    • Webinar Attendees
    • Replay Attendees
  • Conversion
    • Registration Page Conversion Rate
    • Webinar Attendance Rate
    • Replay Attendance Rate
  • Engagement
    • Average Time in Webinar
    • Average Time in Replay
    • Offer Clicks in Webinar
    • Offer Clicks in Replay
  • Registrant Details: Email, First & Last Name, Phone Number, Registration Date, Presentation Date

There’s no Limit with WebinarKit

WebinarKit doesn’t have any limit on:

  • The number of Webinars you run
  • The number of registrants you get
  • The amount of attendees streaming online

Webinars are optimized with WebinarKit

Webinars hosted via WebinarKit are optimized to work on all major browsers (Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox & Microsoft Edge) & devices (desktop, tablet & mobile).

Boost Offers

With WebinarKit, you can also present your products/offers at a separate section in the screen that you can set to display at specific times between the Webinar presentation.

The offer appears with some content, a countdown time & a call-to-action which you can link to your product or checkout page.

Auto Email Reminder Notification System

Reminders are a big part of your Webinars funnel building process.

With WebinarKit, you can setup a basic email notification system that allows you to:

  • Send reminder email when the Webinar is about to stream
  • Send reminder email before 30 mins
  • Send webinar replay email once the Webinar streaming is over

These reminder emails ensure none of your registrant forget about the event & show up live in the Webinar.

WebinarKit can also be integrated with major Email automation tools like ActiveCampaign, Aweber, ConvertKit – to give you more control over Email Automation if you do that too.

WebinarKit Plans & Pricing Review

In these times when most SaaS companies are focused on a monthly recurring payment plan, WebinarKit comes at a one-time price of $57which is definitely a good deal to steal 👍

Keep in mind that the WebinarKit software generates revenue by upselling after this one-time payment. You need to pay extra for various features & features they’ll be rolling out in the future.

But keeping in mind that the based plan offers you unlimited webinar creations, attendees registration & more – I don’t think there’s something to get confused of

  • WebinarKit: $57 (One Time Payment)
  • WebinarKit Pro: $67 (One Time Payment)
  • WebinarKit Chat Simulator: $47 (One Time Payment)
  • WebinarKit Agency: $97 (One Time Payment)
  • WebinarKit Live: $29 a month or $297 a year
  • WebinarKit Live Tier 2: $49 a month or $497 a year

WebinarKit: $57 (One Time Fee)


  • Automated, Evergreen & Just-in-Time Webinars
  • Webinar Scheduler
  • Automatic Email reminders
  • Customizable landing pages (registration, thank you)
  • Live chat & questions box

WebinarKit Pro: $67 (One Time Fee)


  • Additional professional registration page templates
  • Built-in Video Hosting
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Engagement handouts & boosting polls
  • Registration page templates
  • Embeddable registration forms
  • One click replay pages
  • Automated handouts

WebinarKit Chat Simulator: $47 (One Time Fee)

This premium add-on helps you drive more revenue by increasing engagements.


  • Set automated chats (custom text & name) to increase Webinar engagement
  • Include automated CTA’s

This feature add an overall like-live Webinar experience for the attendees.

WebinarKit Agency: $97 (One Time Fee)

If you think there’s money needs to be made in the Webinar industry, you can opt for the WebinarKit Agency plan – that allows you to basically resell Webinar services.

You can find clients & generate revenue by selling your own Webinar services to them.


  • Turn into a webinar agency by selling Webinar services to your clients
  • You can add upto 25 client accounts
  • Separate client webinar management area
  • Powerful analytics
  • Priority support

WebinarKit Live: $29 a month or $297 a year

As we discussed in this review post, WebinarKit lets you run automated evergreen Webinars.

But if you want to live stream your Webinars, you need to opt for their WebinarKit Live plan.


  • Let’s you create unlimited live Webinars
  • Priority support

WebinarKit Live Agency: $49 per month or $497 per year

Just like the WebinarKit Agency plan – that let’s you sell automated Webinar services to your clients. This plan lets you sell automated as well as live Webinar services.


  • Create upto 25 WebinarKit live accounts for your clients
  • Priority support
  • Separate live webinar management console for your clients

Review Conclusion: Is WebinarKit worth it?

WebinarKit has a very attractive offer in the market.

By paying a one time fee (& it has some upsells later on), you’re getting a webinar software for that let’s you create automated evergreen webinars for lifetime.

The software is managed by a skilled team of developers & updated frequently – they’ll keep on releasing powerful features to make WebinarKit a leading webinar building platform for businesses.

One thing many of the marketers don’t like WebinarKit because of too-many upsells, but considering the cost of other Webinar building softwares out there, this is a deal you must steal before it goes/

However, considering the webinar software that lets you create unlimited webinars for litetime, this is a deal you must steal before it goes.

Frequently Asked Questions about WebinarKit

What is Webinar Kit?

WebinarKit is a webinar streaming tool that can be used to create evergreen, like-live, just-in-time, and instant watch webinars in few simple steps. With it’s automation capabilities, you can automate evergreen webinars to bring qualified leads & sales for your business 24*7 – on autopilot.

Is WebinarKit good?

Yes, WebinarKit is a powerful webinar building platform to build automated evergreen webinars & run them on autopilot. However, the software has many upsells & you cannot stream Live webinars in the basic plan

How do I use WebinarKit?

WebinarKit is super easy to use. You just need to follow the Webinar setup wizard that asks you details & content of the Webinar.

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