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Reset your WordPress Website Lost Password From cPanel in 4 Simple Steps

Are you stuck outside of your WordPress website admin panel & cannot use “Forgot Your Password” feature for any reason?

If yes, this small step-by-step article will help you recover your WordPress websites’ login credential from the database in Cpanel (web hosting control panel software).

How to Recover WordPress Password from cPanel?

Step 1: Login to your cPanel (

You can type /cpanel after your website URL ( & you’ll be redirected to the cPanel (credentials are provided by your hosting provider, try checking your email with the search term “cpanel” if you don’t remember your credentials).

Step 2: Locate the database section & go to “phpMyAdmin”

phpMyAdmin is a popular tool for database management & you can find it inside of your cPanel dashboard. Just hover down to the database section & find phpMyAdmin. Or use the search tool inside of cPanel.

In database section inside of cPanel, you will find phpMyAdmin or you can use the search bar the the top

Step 3: Find The WordPress Website Database

Once you’re inside of phpMyAdmin area, you would see an expandable hierarchy at the left sidebar. This includes the databases you’ve created till now, you need to expand the table & find the database that you’re using for the WordPress website (of which the password is lost & you want to reset it).

To get to the username & password files of your WordPress website, we need to locate the website database first. Database name hierarchy are available at the left sidebar

How do I know which database is associated with which WordPress Website?

Considering the above example, the database names are in alphanumeric patterns which is hard to differentiate & recognize. This happens when we do not rename the default database name at the time of WordPress installation. To find out which is the database for what website, simply expand the table & analyze the file names. For example, if you see a file name with “WooCommerce” in it, that indicates this database is associated with your WooCommerce Website.

Coming to the point, what we are looking here is for a database file that stores registered users’ information. This file would have the term “users” in it.

See screenshot below:

Inside of your website database folder, you need to find wp_users or similar file that includes the registered user details - including the password

Step 4: Reset password by editing the user details

Once you locate the user’s file, you will see a list of registered users. Locate the user you want to change the password of & click on edit.

See screenshot below:

The user_pass that you see here is the password in an encrypted format. We need to put our new password here & save it.

Before changing the password, make sure the function is set to “MD5” as shown in the screenshot below

from the dropdown cell in column user_pass, select function as MD5 and type your new password & save.

Once you save it. Your password is reset & now you’re good to go.

If you found this article helpful, please leave a comment below & don’t forget to check out my other articles on WordPress.

FAQs About Recovering Lost Password in WordPress from cPanel

How to check WordPress password from cPanel?

You can see your username but can’t see your password from cPanel. However, you can reset your current password by following the steps explained in this article above.

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