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PabblyConnect (Review): A Zapier Alternative for Integration/Automation

Gone are the days of doing repetitive tasks manually, now is the time for automation!

With tools like PabblyConnect, you can connect/integrate multiple apps together that you use for your business, and automate various tasks that requires manual & repetitive efforts.

For example, connecting your CRM, Google Sheets, Email software & eCommerce store using PabblyConnect ensures you can send new customers to the Email Campaign list automatically whilst also saving customer details in the CRM & Google Sheets.

Understanding PabblyConnect & weather it is the right tool for you require initial consideration if you’re unaware of automation/integration fundamentals.

But Worry not,

This review blog post will help you check out some salient features offered by PabblyConnect & why you should consider grabbing the Pabbly Connect Lifetime deal – a one time payment offers that’s worth giving a shot.

Let’s dive in:

What is Pabbly Connect?

Pabbly Connect is an integration platform to integrate (connect) various of your business apps/software together, so as to sync real-time data between those apps & let some of the further work done automatically.

For example, for every new payment you receive via PayPal, you want to save the sender details in Google Sheets & CRM, whilst also adding the email address on one of your Email Campaigns – this can be done with PabblyConnect by integating all of these apps & create a workflow as per your needs.

This way, tools like PabblyConnect help you automate tiny, tedious & repetitive tasks – to save your time & resources so you focus on bringing in the business.

How Pabbly Connect & Automation Works

PabblyConnect is based on the fundamental concept of Automation:

  • Trigger: A trigger is when a specified event happens. For example, form submission, new order, form enquiry.
  • Action: Action is something you want to do when a trigger occurs. For example, save order details into Google Sheets & notify sales team (adding tasks on your tasks management software (Trello) automatically)

AWorkflow in PabblyConnect is the sequence of actions to be performed according to the setup. In simpler terms, it is the automation tasks you create with PabblyConnect.


Triggers are basically the happenings of specified events. In PabblyConnect, you can set what sort of events & happening should hit triggers.

When a trigger is hit, PabblyConnect automates the further specified action to be done after the event.

Example, you can set a trigger for purchase & define action to send customer email for further automation – it could be sending order details to Google Sheets whilst also to your Email tool like ActiveCampaign, MailChimp or whichever tool you’re using.

If we Simply put, a trigger is when specified event occurs.


When a specified event happens, a trigger gets hit, based on which the actions takes place. An Action in PabblyConnect is something which you want to do when certain things happen (trigger).

For Example, You’ve specified trigger as form submission, and set actions to sending email & also notify the sales team by adding a tasks on your task management software.

Conditional Actions & Filters

As the term define itself, this is when you want PabblyConnect to do certain tasks for you after a trigger hits, but only when one or certain conditions you’ve set satisfies.

For example, for every form submission you receive, you want to notify the sales team only if the gender is “Male”. This can be done too.

So PabblyConnect is there to clean the mess when you’re getting a large chunk of data & want to sort it out using conditions & filters.

How do you use Pabbly Connect?

Integrating different apps together with PabblyConnect is super easy. You need to follow a step-by-step PabblyConnect workflow creation process to define triggers + events & integrate apps.

Step 1: Create New Workflow – Choose Triggers

The first step is to create a new Workflow. This starts with Naming your workflow & choosing the first target app/platform you want to integrate.

This app is basically where triggers take place. You also need to choose the method (trigger) for the apps you’re connecting.

Once you choose your target integration app & method, PabblyConnect gives you a Webhook URL that you need to paste in that target app.

Example, if you want to connect Google Sheets, select Google Sheets in PabblyConnect & get the Webhook URL, & paste it inside of Google Sheets (as directed in the instructions when you get the Webhook URL)

In case you can’t see an option to integrate app of your choice, you can directly contact

Step 2: Choose Action Steps

Once you’re done with first step, you can continue the setup wizard to add action step. This is where you need to integrate app the other app of your business where the action needs to be done after triggers are hit.

For example, Google Sheets integrated in the first step for triggers, & Telegram chosen as the software where communication needs to be initiated automatically for every new row entry in the Google Sheet.

Once you select the target application to integrate with action steps, PabblyConnect will guide you over next steps.

Some Pabbly Connect Use Case Examples

  • Send messages (Telegram, Whatsapp, Email) for every new form submission.
  • Notify team members for new orders, queries or payments (via Email, Slack or any other task management software viz Trello).
  • Send meeting invites via various channels automatically
  • Add Zoom Registrants & Form Responses to Google Sheets
  • Send Slack Notifications of New Cards in Trello

Why Pabbly Connect? Features & Capabilities Review

1. Automation is Easy with PabblyConnect

While automation seems a technical stuff, it’s actually not when tools like PabblyConnect are there. Even a novice can create automations with such modern tools.

As discussed above, you can create automation workflows for your business in few simple steps –

  • Decide what you want to achieve with automation
  • Integrate apps & set triggers when automation needs to execute
  • Use filters & conditions to create actions when a trigger gets hit

It’s as simple as that.

Also, PabblyConnect is easy to use. It has a very simple drag & drop kind of User Interface to easily create & understand the workflows you’re creating.

2. Seamless Integration with Apps (and Multi-Apps Integration)

This is what the tool stands for – PabblyConnect basically connects your various apps together that you use in your business, so they can work sync data & get small but tedious jobs done automatically.

It might be connecting your Payment Gateways with Google Sheets & Email service provider; or simply, notifying your sales team whenever you get a new order.

You can integrate many different tools together and create workflows in the tool – what needs to happen when certain things happen.

  • Seamless Integration with Popular Apps – PabblyConnect can be connected to almost every popular app you use in your business. It could be Gmail, Slack, WooCommerce, Zoom, Shopify or any other – there’s always a way with PabblyConnect.
  • Multi-Steps Integration & Automation – Some automations require various different apps to be integrated within the single workflow. That too can be done using PabblyConnect. For a single automation journey, you can connect as many apps you want.
PabblyConnect integrates with over 1000 popular apps that we use

PabblyConnect supports integration with popular tools using various latest technologies/APIs like Grist, Webhook, WATI, Email Parsing & much more.

3. Data Syncing Works Real Time with Webhooks

PabblyConnect uses Webhook as one of their apps integration technology, on the other hand many similar integration service providers are still using the “Polling” Technology.

The primary difference between these two is that Webhooks are a one-way real time data sharing technology – means it does not require external software servers’ permission to receive data.

Think of Webhook as a piece of URL/Tag pasted into your target software (where triggers are taking place & you’re fetching data). Whenever this external software experiences a trigger, it sends PabblyConnect data in real time.

On the other hand, polling technology is two-way syncing process & that is why it is not real time – and there is always a delay in fetching data.

In Polling technology, data exchange works as a two way process – first server needs to request first & other server needs to approve the request every time.

In short, there is always a data transfer gap with lopping technology, while “Webhook” technology servers real-time data transfer.

This way, PabblyConnect offers you real-time data transfer using Webhooks.

4. Data Filtering

You set set filters withing your automation workflow to avoid importing data that you don’t require & waste resources on it.

You can basically set crietieria/conditions before data importing triffers.

For example, your subscription form is data importing from a form submission with data of Male submissions only.

5. Delay Module

The delay module helps you schedule actions when triggers are hit.

For Example, you want to send your product promotion email after 15 days a subscription occurs, that can be done. You just need to set 15 days of delay in action when the form submission trigger.

You can delay automations using “Delay Until” & “Delay For” options.

6. Create Unlimited Workflows

Yes, you heard it right!

With PabblyConnect you can create unlimited number of automation workflow. Also keep in mind that you’re not charged for triggers & internal actions.

Continue reading to know more about these free triggers & internal actions that PabblyConnec offers – and more importantly, how this tool charges you based on tasks.

7. Plenty of Resources & Help

PabblyConnect has 1000+ video tutorials in their YouTube channel on how to use PabblyConnect in various different use cases. They also have an active blog with plenty of resources to find solution to many of your initial automation thoughts.

Even if these resources aren’t enough, you can create a support ticket & expect to hear back from the team quickly. The PabblyConnect team is very dedicated & helpful to their customers.

8. No Technical Skills Required

When we think about integrating various apps together to create tasks that are done automatically – it seems like technical sort of stuff – and of course it is!

But with modern tools like PabblyConnect, even a novice can setup automation without any additional help.

Integrations are easy & seamless as PabblyConnect supports direct integration with over 1000 popular apps.

In case you’re unable to find integration option inside PabblyConnect for your choice of software, you can find a way out using “Webhooks” or API

You can first watch tutorials on that, if things still doesn’t work out, you can contact the Pabbly team.

9. Triggers aren’t billed

Another factor that makes PabblyConnect stand out is that they don’t charge you for triggers, internal actions or filters/routing options.

Automation Triggers are free to use with PabblyConnect

10. Email Parser

Email parsing is basically data extraction from incoming emails. You can extract the from Name, from Email, Body of the Email & other possible things from an email.

A very few automation software uses this technology & PabblyConnect is one of them. So yes, you can also use PabblyConnect for basic Email Automations.

11. Internal Actions are also Free

In PabblyConnect, any action being performed inside your workflow is considered a task – and you’re billed for tasks.

However, there are certain internal actions used with triggers, that aren’t calculated & billed. Only the action steps are calculated in the task counts.

Remember, you pay PabblyConnect when you perform certain tasks outside outside of PabblyConnect.

Below are a few of the free Internal Actions in PabblyConnect:

  • Spreadsheets Formulaes
  • Data Extraction
  • Text Formatter – Regex, Encryption/Decryption
  • Number formatter
  • Date/Time Formatting
Internal actions are free with PabblyConnect just like Triggers

Pabbly Connect Pricing Review

As mentioned in this review post, PabblyConnect has a different pricing model.

A few things PabblyConnect doesn’t charge you are :

  • Triggers
  • Internal Actions
  • Filters & Routing

PabblyConnect charges you for things you do outside of PabblyConnect – actions.

Pabbly Connect Lifetime Deal – One Time Payment Offer

PabblyConnect Lifetime deal comes with a one-time payment offer of $79 with a 30-Days Money Back Guarantee

PabblyConnect comes with a 30 days moneyback guarantee so you can return if if you're unsatisfied.

There are basically three one-time payment plans available with PabblyConnect: Standard, Pro & Ultimate.

Affiliate Disclaimer: If you want to grab this deal, above is an affiliate link. So if you steal this deal, it also helps me earn some commission at no addition cost to you - which then motivates me to bring quality content to you. So it's upto you to decide if you wanna grab this deal or not - the tool is worth it 👍

FAQs About Pabbly Connect

What is PabblyConnect?

Pabbly Connect is an integration platform to integrate (connect) various of your business apps/software together, so as to sync real-time data between those apps & let some of the further work done automatically.

What does Pabbly Connect do?

PabblyConnect is an integration platform that helps you integration two or more of your choice of apps & let’s you create automation of tedious & repetitive tasks

Is PabblyConnect Safe?

Yes, PabblyConnect is safe to use. The company is based in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India.

How do you use PabblyConnect?

Step 1: Create Workflow & Set Triggers – Choose first target integration app & set automation triggers.
Step 2: Choose Actions – Choose the other app to be connected & set actions to take place after a trigger hits. Read article above for more information on how action & trigger works.

How much does Pabbly Connect cost?

PabblyConnect has a Lifetime deal active that lets you use this tool for lifetime at a one time payment options. Recurring plans are also available. View full plans & pricing here.

How do you integrate with Pabbly?

PabblyConnect has integration availability with over 1000 popular apps. You can also use Webhooks or contact if you can’t find your choice of apps

What is the best & cheapest alternative to Zapier?

PabblyConnect is the only & best alternative to Zapier.

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