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Digital Deepak Internship Review: Don’t be a Fool & Know the Truth

Digital Deepak, a renowned online marketer from India, recently launched an internship program named “Digital Deepak Internship Program” wherein he hire interns & help them learn digital marketing for free.

To be clear here, the internship program is not free & you would have to submit a deposit of between 15,000-20,000 INR; or more or less (not a fixed fee).

The internship program claims to give you this internship fees back (or even more than that) if you successfully complete the assignments on given time frame.

Before joining the course, you might have a lot of questions in mind regarding the fees, internship structure, & more.

Also there are a few things that I think you should be aware of before joining the course, so you make informed decision & not regret later.

Don’t worry, the article has got you covered, let’s dive in:

About the Digital Deepak & his Internship Program

Deepak Kanakarju or “Digital Deepak” is a popular online marketer based in Bengaluru, India. He is very passionate about online marketing – his work speaks for himself:

  • Started a motorcycle blog named BikeAdvice in 2008 & sold this blog in 2012 (Of course, a very good deal took place here). At that time, it was one of the most popular motorcycle blog in India, with 100000+ followers & millions of pageviews each month.
  • He has worked with some renowned brands like Exotel, Practo, Instamojo, Rajorpay, Zivame, etc.
  • His blog, DigitalDeepak is a well known place to look out & learn digital marketing stuff.
  • He owns an agency Named PixelTrack that helps brands grow with digital marketing
  • He recently started LearnToday – that aims to become one of the best EdTech platform.

In short, Deepak knows what he’s teaching & talking about.

You can read more about Digital Deepak here.

Let’s learn more about the internship program that Deepak launched few years ago…

What is Digital Deepak Internship Program?

The Digital Deepak internship program is different from a course. But this is also not a typical internship – because you are not going to work with Deepak as an intern for his projects/company.

The program might not be an internship, but holds a lot of value – because it helps you learn things practically.

Unless you implement what you have learned, you are not going to remember what you have learned

– Digital Deepak

Also in this training program by Deepak, you enroll with a joining fee & get this money back along the journey – as you implement the work assigned to you in this program.

It’s not just about getting the money back – it’s about implementing what you’ve learnt.

What is the structure of Digital Deepak Internship program?

  • The Digital Deepak internship program happens in batches – each batch has 500 students.
  • This internship community – students, mentors, collaborator, full-time member – connects via Telegram for communication – to answer your questions, share important stuffs, clear your doubts, etc.
  • There are over 16 modules in this internship program- that happens in 16 weeks
  • You are assigned with tasks (Assignments) & get support for completing these tasks. Upon successfully completion – you get cashback & rewards.
  • If you complete all the assignments of this internship – you become one of the top students of the program & get your money back (or even more) that you’ve invested in this internship.
  • Each & every week has a training session/module
  • Q and A Session is also followed by each & every week

The structure of this internship program may vary because the Digital Deepak team keeps on updating the internship course content.

Digital Deepak Internship Modules

As of Batch 10 Internship, the Digital Deepak Internship Program had following Modules (Week-o-Week):

  • Week 1 : Success Mindset – Deepak teaches how to make up your mind & improve your thought process
  • Week 2 : Marketing Fundamentals – In this module, you’ll learn the overview of Marketing (both traditional & digital) & how to be profitable. This module also include many insights into the online marketing world & global digital economy
  • Week 3 : Discovering Your Profitable Niche – This module helps you understand how to discover niches & select a profitable niche to fasten up your chances of success
  • Week 4 : WordPress Blog – Deepak teaches how to use WordPress to create & manage blog. This module covers all the basic (theme setup, plugin setup) & some advance stuff (Google Analytics, Google Search Console & other tools setup) about WordPress & similar.
  • Week 5: Becoming the Content King – You must have heard the phrase “Content is the King” & this is what Deepak teaches in this module – the power of content & how to leverage the content game
  • Week 6 : Social Media & Networking Mastery – This is an important module that covers the anatomy of Social Media Marketing. This module teaches you how to make social media work & create strategies accordingly.
  • Week 7 : Leads Generation & Email Marketing – An important module that covers some basic & advanced stuff around email marketing, landing page creation, funnel building, leads generation, leads nurturing & more.
  • Week 8 : Mastering Facebook Ads – This module teaches Facebook Ads
  • Week 9 : Mastering Google Ads – This module teaches Google Ads (Pay-per-Click)
  • Week 10 : Search Engine Optimization – Deepak teaches you about the overview of SEO (On Page, Off Page & Technical SEO) & how to implement it. In the assignments, you’d be implementing SEO on your own blog/website that you own (or create as a part of this internship).
  • Week 11 : Deep Marketing Automation – In this module, Deepak teaches & shows how you can automate & streamline various marketing operations (like email marketing) using tools & resources
  • Week 12 : The Natural Sales Method – An advanced module covering how to nurture & convert leads
  • Week 13 (Bonus Program Week) : Personal Branding Mastery – Digital Deepak has created a personal brand for himself, & in this module he teaches how he did it & how you can do it too
  • Week 14 (Bonus Program Week) : Digital Freelancing – Freelancing is a huge market & Deepak teaches how you can start freelancing & get clients.
  • Week 15 (Bonus Program Week) : Digital Mentoring – Deepak teaches how you can start mentoring others if you are knowledgeable in something
  • Week 16 (Bonus Program Week) : Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate Marketing is another great way to earn passive & handsome income; In this module, Deepak teaches how it works

Fees for Digital Deepak Internship

There is no fixed joining fee for the this Internship program by Deepak. As of batch 2, it was 14999/- & for batch 4, the fee was 19,999/- . The fee variation is dependent on the batch & internship structure. When considering the costs of Digital Deepak internship, you should also consider some additional costs like the domain & hosting costs (the website that you’ll purchase as a part of internship), & Advertisement cost (the Facebook, Google or other ad platform you’ll work on during this internship)

Also, keep in mind the additional applicable GST charges – somewhere around 2000/- INR.

Is the Digital Deepak Internship Program Free?

No, the internship isn’t completely free. You enroll in the program with a joining fee & can get your money back if you stay active with the internship & complete the assignments they give you.

However, it is hard to complete all the assignments & most of the students doesn’t make it. Also, the GST charges (~ 2000/-) are non-refundable as you might know.

Is Digital Deepak Internship Good?

Digital Deepak internship is definitely good – it is a good place to learn about online marketing. The reason you should prefer this internship is because Deepak holds good experience in the online marketing space.

Having over 500+ students in a batch, this is one of the latest & popular online marketing learning program in the industry.

However, when you’re paying more than 15,000/- INR, you should also compare other opportunities to get the most out of what & where you are investing – in terms of time, money & energy.

Digital Deepak Internship Program: Here’s What You Should be Aware of

Since you are already digging resources to get honest reviews about the Digital Deepak Internship Program – I’ll share a few things that you should be aware of.

One thing I want to mention is that it’s very easy to sell dreams & that’s what most of the marketers are doing nowadays – especially in the make money online niche. (I’m not specifying Digital Deepak in this category)

You’d come across many programs like “5 days Ecom Mastery” that claims to make you an eCommerce entrepreneur in just one week – realistically not possible.

Similarly, you might feel that the Digital Deepak Internship program also sell dreams while marketing this internship (& there’s nothing wrong in it) – your success is dependent on how much you’re willing to learn.

Digital Deepak Internship Reviews Are Biased – Almost All Reviews

I’d like to mention a harsh reality of the internet that you might be aware of – most of the reviews on the internet are biased.

This is because of the “Affiliate Marketing” or “Referral Marketing” concept – when you promote a product or service & someone buys it using your link or referral code – you earn a commission.

The bombardment of Affiliate Programs is filling the Internet with biased reviews – the reviewer may not be honest with you while recommending products/services and that’s how it works. They only focus on the positive aspects & won’t tell you the downside, drawbacks & disadvantages.

Same is the case with the “Digital Deepak Internship program”.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Digital-Deepak-Internship-Reviews-are-Biased-Affiliate-Article-2.png

There is a promotion strategy opted by Digital Deepak wherein students are encouraged to publish a review of the internship program on the Internet – preferably on blogs & YouTube;

This can also be a part of assignments that Digital Deepak team assign to its students – who are then somehow bound to publish positive reviews about the program in order to get their money back – as the internship says “complete assignments & earn cashbacks

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Digital-Deepak-Internship-Reviews-are-Biased-1.png

Publishing reviews about the Digital Deepak Internship Program may or may not be a part of the assignments, but, definitely is a part of affiliate marketing – as the students will eventually get a commission if anyone joins the internship program via their link.

This doesn’t mean all the reviews around this internship are biased – but somewhat biased – as there are high chances that the Digital Deepak interns will not openly talk about the disadvantages / cons of this internship program.

With that being said, it’s very important to know that “most of the blogs you’ll read are affiliate links

This Course Is Not For Everyone

The Digital Deepak Internship program is a popular online marketing training course in the industry, however, is not best suited for each & every individual.

The modules & training structure is good & if you are a complete newbie – without an idea on how all the aspects in online marketing works – you should join this.


If you are already equipped with some knowledge in online marketing & a good researcher – I mean, if you’ve already done your part in understanding various aspects of online marketing like SEO, Email Marketing, etc – I’d recommend you to apply for interviews & do a typical internship instead;

Also, the topics covered in the internship are well explained – but aren’t that much specific. And when they are specific, it is specific to the online marketing niche – a niche on which Digital Deepak works for himself.

What I mean to say is that Information is free nowadays – and course creators are structuring that information to make it more readable, understandable & implementable.

Generally speaking, I’ve also been disappointed by many course creators where they claim to teach you something special – but once you take the course, you are being taught what you’ve already learnt for free.

It’s simply because you’re a resourceful person & good learner on your own – and you might not need to join a course.

Sessions Are Pre-Recorded : Don’t Daydream to get Trained by Deepak Individually

Deepak is a busy man & don’t expect that you’ll be trained by him one on one – neither there are live classes that Deepak conducts. The video lessons are pre-recorded.

They do have an active community support – where full time members from the Digital Deepak team are available to help you & answer your queries.

Although it is not possible for Digital Deepak to train you individually or on a daily basis, but you can also expect a few interaction with the real Digital Deepak – which is indeed a great opportunity.

You’ll Not Get 100% of your Money Back

The Digital Deepak Internship program claims to give you the internship fees back when you do the assignments they give you, however, getting 100% of your money back is really a tough job.

This is because not all assignments are easy & doable by everyone, you need to put in a lot of hard work to get it done.

You should be cautious before joining the program especially when you’re borrowing money from someone/somewhere else & thinking to pay it back once you get the money back.

Real Success in Freelancing is Hard

When it comes to freelancing – there are tons of opportunities. During the internship program, Deepak shares his knowledge on how one can tap into the freelancing market & grab opportunities.

However, how you filter those opportunities & create wealth for yourself is dependent on your experience & knowledge first of all – and the proven past work experience.

Good paying clients demand proven work experience in the past; For freshers – it is hard to crack good clients when you’re starting out.

Also, when you enter an industry, it is recommended to work from the ground level to master the profession.

You cannot just jump into the freelancing market being a fresher in the field – who just have a certificate of digital marketing internship – that too is a course & not industry standard internship.

Instead, it would be a nice move to secure a job first, learn what exactly happens in the online marketing industry & then do the freelancing work.

Blogging & Making Money Online is not Easy

Digital Deepak has succeeded with blogging in the past. He had a motorcycle blog that he sold for good profits & currently he blogs about digital marketing & his journey in his blog.

Because he is experienced with blogging, he encourage people to start a blog & help them understand the power of blogging.

However, it is also important to know that blogging as an individual is hard – especially when the competition is high.

When it comes to blogging, there are many course creators that make blogging seems easy – but it is very hard to create a blog that brings in money.

Especially for newbies, it is not easy to start a blog & start seeing money come in.

So if you’re a complete fresher – either make up a strong mind to make blogging work or avoid blogging.

If you don’t Want to Spend Money, It’s Fine to not Enroll & Look for Alternatives

You might be willing to join the Digital Deepak Internship Program but stringent with budget? Thinking weather you should invest money or not?

If that’s the case, it’s completely okay to look for alternatives because there are endless free programs on the internet to help you learn online marketing – even Digital Deepak provides a lot of free resources to learn digital marketing.

Don’t Be a Fool – Don’t Become a “So-Called Digital Marketing Expert” after the Digital Deepak Internship

The Digital Deepak Internship Program is based on the real experience of Deepak Kanakarju – especially around online marketing niche (teaching/mentoring, blogging & online marketing service offerings)

Just because Digital Deepak is your inspiration doesn’t mean you should also start the same things that Digital Deepak is doing.

It’s awful to see that the Digital Deepak Internship is giving born to many “so-called digital marketers” who know nothing about digital marketing in detail, but claims to have a lot of knowledge & start doing things like:

  • Offering online marketing classes & mentor others
  • Starting a blog about online marketing
  • Start offering digital marketing services like SEO, Social Media Marketing etc.

This is so silly.

How could someone claim himself as a digital marketing expert with merely 3 months of experience in the industry – that too is not the real (typical) practical experience – it’s just because of an online course.

No one is going to recognize you unless you know the subject well & sound like a knowledgeable person.

In the midst of this internship, Deepak also shares & teaches how you can boost up your freelancing game by offering digital marketing services & scale it to an agency, but, why do you think you can convert & get high paying clients with merely 3 months of experience?

No client is going to trust you unless you’ve a good portfolio to show – proven results in the past for few of your clients.

Just because you’ve done an internship or course, you cannot call yourself an online marketer unless you’ve worked on some projects for different businesses.

Trust me, there are hell lot of things you’d need to know when you get into the actual online marketing. There are tons of departments inside of online marketing – performance marketing, SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, & more.

Either you learn SEO or Ads – once at a time.

You can’t just join a program & become a master at Ads or SEO. Realistically you cannot because one needs to dedicate enough time & resources to master one thing.

So after any course you do, learn some actual work by getting a job in the online marketing industry – before you start a website where you claim to offer expert digital marketing services or consultation – after completing a course.


I've written this review to provide an unbiased opinion of the Digital Deepak Internship Program. The idea behind this post is to help readers make an informed decision. The review is purely based on my opinion & definitely not created to malign anyone. Any feedback? Connect with me at

I was definitely unbiased & truthful in reviewing the Digital Deepak Internship Program (You won’t find even a single Affiliate Link to Digital Deepak or any of his affiliate program in this blog)

Neither I am interested in arguing with anyone weather if the course is good or bad.

When it comes to learning, what matters is your willingness to learn – you can also learn the same things from other mentors who are offering course for cheap.

However, good things come at expensive prices.

Also, if you come across over promotion of the Digital Deepak internship program, be aware that the reviewer is very positive about the course because “Interns get money when they bring more interns”

If you could not observe the things that I could, then it’s not my fault. All I want to say is

All that glitters are not gold.

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