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Common Dropshipping Mistakes to Avoid; (mistake #7 must be avoided)

We all make mistakes, and drop shipping beginners make a lot of mistakes. Even those who are making money with dropshipping still make mistakes at times.

But, some mistakes must be avoided & that’s where you make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Standing out from the crowd nowadays is very important – especially when it comes to dropshipping – because the digitization opportunities in eCommerce are bringing high competition to the market.

Consumers are now modern & smart – they expect to buy products from a business that seems authentic & has some credibility in the market.

But how would you achieve this authenticity & credibility? That’s another topic of concern but of course,

One way to do this is by focusing on the long-term strategy & brand building

Dropshipping is a business & when you’re running a business – mistakes must be avoided.

Let’s look at some common dropshipping mistakes that beginners make when starting out:

Mistake #1: You Don’t Take Dropshipping as a Serious Business Model

Dropshipping is a part of eCommerce – it’s a type of fulfillment method in eCommerce.

Everything else works similar to a typical eCommerce business –

  • Researching & finalising niche
  • Building a brand name / store name
  • Building store
  • Building brand assets
    • About the brand (vision, mission, about, description, etc)
    • Brand Theme / Color Scheme
  • Products & Supplier Research

& there is a lot more in the play.

Therefore, you should take your dropshipping business very seriously to make it work out.

Right from keeping your store well designed to implementing your own selling angle on products, each & everything contributes to the success of your store.

When you’re running or about to run a dropshipping business, you should be paying close attention to the user/customer experience and work on improvising your business operations.

This includes strategizing various aspects of the business including:

  • Offering easy return policies
  • Delivering quality customer service
  • Focusing on brand building
  • Marketing
  • Store & Product pages Optimization

& more.

On top of that, the challenge will be to crack advertisements.

To build a successful dropshipping campaign, you need to take care of everything from email marketing to collecting audience insights – & much more..

Similarly, there are a lot of other things to be taken care of if you want your dropshipping business to succeed.

The problem with most of the drop shippers is that they get into dropshipping just because it’s easy to get started – but they aren’t serious or prepared for running a business.

You should be avoiding this mistake at any cost.

Your drop shipping business will work out only if you dedicate enough time, resources, energy & money to the business.

In simpler terms, you have to be hell serious about the business.

Mistake #2: You Get Overwhelmed with tons of ideas; It’s a Bad Sign

Right from trying out different dropshipping product research methods to creating an Ad campaign, there is a lot in the play.

When you are starting out as a beginner, you are motivated & learning as much as you can.

Oftentimes, you might jump from one blog to another & watch various different videos to understand dropshipping in depth.

This is good! Being resourceful is good.

But you should not overdo your research to the level that you reach a point where you get confused on where to start, what products to choose, which ad strategy to try out, which type of dropshipping method to start with, etc, etc.

When you come across a lot of ideas & strategies, you get overwhelmed with information available on the internet – which diverts your mind from being focusing on each thing at once.

At first, you might think you can do better with three niches, starting with Facebook ads.

The next few moments, you come across another profitable niche & boom.. the previous idea is gone. You would now focus on the next things that seems profitable to you.

This way your mind gets diverted & you reach a confusing state that stops you from starting or taking actionable steps.

  • Learning is a good skill & there are tons of things to learn & implement.
  • There are tons of niches & products that seems profitable
  • There are tons of advertisement strategies & ideas that seems to be working

& there are tons of other things too.

But don’t overdo ideas brainstorming. Instead of moving from one idea to other, pick one thing, test it & see if it works. If it’s working, then master it & move on to other.

Mistake #3: You’re Searching for a Proven Strategy

This is a mistake that most of the dropshipping beginners do.

When you are completely unexperienced & want to start out, you start learning about dropshipping in deep & in the midst of that, you are at a stage point where you get an idea on how to start.

But you could not start. What’s stopping you?

It’s because you’re searching for a proven strategy that works.

But the fact is, there’s nothing like one-size-fits-all.

This ends up in spending a lot of time in finding products, campaigns, niche, etc, that are proven to work.

To build a successful campaign, you can’t just blindly implement what experts are saying & what blueprint they’ve provided.

You need to test products on your own & make the ad campaign work out for you on your own.

You need to add your own marketing angle to the campaign & see where you can improve.

Take inspiration from others but don’t do the same as they are doing – and so, don’t search for a proven strategy.

There are tons of unexplored products & hidden profitable niches/sub-niches that no one is talking about in their resources.

That is where opportunities are. Get better with research, analyze competition and test on your own.

Mistake #4: You’re Not Aware of User Experience & SEO

SEO & eCommerce are completely different topics – but you must understand SEO as well when starting with eCommerce.

By learning SEO, you not only understand how search rankings work, but also the logic behind why & how search engine treat different type of websites.

When you learn SEO, you get an idea on what should a marketer do on the website to deliver a good user experience – which ultimately helps in improving conversions.

Remember, SEO is not optimizing the website for Search Engines – it’s optimizing the website for Users & deliver them better user experience – so that search engines can recognize your efforts & provide you more discoverability on search engines.

Dropshippers who are aware of SEO & User Experience tends to play close attention to important elements of your eCommerce website such as Product Title & URL, Website Speed, Website navigation / structure, & much more.

BY having some SEO knowledge in mind ensures that you’re building presence on the World Wide Web the right way – that actually works.

Mistake #5: You’re not Researching; and if you’re researching, you’re not implementing

There are a variety of people.

Some research a lot that they get overwhelmed – as discussed above.

And some are too lazy to do research.

And then there are those who are researching & learning, but not implementing – this makes it hard to crack the code.

In order to make things work out, you need a balance; Just like you need a balance in life. It’s important that what you learn must be implemented by yourself to see if you can yield results.

If you fail – try to improvise. If you win, you win.

Without implementing, you get nothing & always live in a delusion – thinking this or that might work.

At the end of day, what’s important is how much you implement out of your learning – so you’re sure of what works & what doesn’t.

Mistake #6: You Start With A Low Budget Which Makes Your Strategy Ineffective

Are you also the one who wish to start dropshipping because you’re broke?

If that’s the case, think back again.

Imagine what would happen when you’re broke & you manage to invest some money in dropshipping – hoping that things will work out.

What would happen if your first product or store fails?

Would you end up broke again?


Would you try again?

Most of the people at this stage don’t try again & end up thinking that dropshipping doesn’t work because you’ll feel hopeless.

But the fact is, dropshipping actually works – and there’s no denying it.

For the same above scenario, imagine if you are able to make some decent sales – how would you then scale aggressively without having some decent budget in place?

Of course, you can reinvest the money, but that’s gonna take more time & effort to yield results. In order to scale, you again need money man.

Therefore, it is not recommended to start with a low budget.

Use your common sense – Drop shipping is a business & to run a business, you need money – so that you can be very efficient with what you plan & strategize.

Marketing requires money, designing requires money. In simpler terms, you need money to test & scale.

Having a decent budget of ~ $700 – $1000 USD for dropshipping ensures you have enough opportunities to make things work out.

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Mistake #7: You Expectations from Dropshipping are Wrong

Thinking you can make good money from your first few dropshipping campaigns?

Fewer chances!

what about in the long term with dropshipping?

Of course, you can.

How much money you can make from dropshipping?

No Guru can claim this. Its completely dependent on you.

I believe there are tons of similar questions in your head when you’re starting with dropshipping. But finding answers to these won’t get you anything.

Yes, you can research around these questions to boost up your motivation. But this should not make you expect a lot from dropshipping.

You cannot make good money in just a matter of weeks or months. Exceptions are always there, but I am speaking for the majority beginners.

You should be realistic with the expectations so that once your few campaign fails, you won’t quit & again test instead.

I am not demotivating you – I am helping you get out of the delusion & think practically – so you can create a realistic plan for your campaigns, instead of daydreaming.

Don’t forget that in order to make things work out – you would also need to reinvest every bit of profits so that you can aggresively run ads when you find a successful product.

On the other hand, those who expect higher than usual, they just end up demotivated & thinking “Dropshipping is Dead

If you follow some successful dropshippers, they’d mention how long it took to find their first winning product.

Instead of daydreaming about money, your profit expectations from your first few dropshipping campaigns should be $0 – and instead, you should expect to learn from the experience so you can do better in the upcoming campaigns.

Expect that from the first few campaigns, you’d get deeper & practical insights about how things work in dropshipping.

Mistake #8: You Can’t or Don’t Want to Outsource work & Invest Money

It’s very hard to run a business alone. When it comes to dropshipping, there are a lot of tasks that needs to be outsources so you don’t feel burned out – or you don’t compromise on quality.

There are many tasks that need not to be done by yourself, instead it would be a smart move to hire a team or outsource the work.

Use platforms like Fiverr wherein you can outsource various tasks like: logo design work, ad copies creation, & more.

Mistakle #9: Not Having A Marketing & Scaling Plan in Place

It’s great that you’re motivated enough for dropshipping, but what about the marketing plan? How would you scale when you witness a successful product?

The fact is that most of the dropshipping beginners doesn’t know this.

They just know how to setup a dropshipping store, how facebook ads work, how to do product research & similar things.

But a very few understand that you need a solid marketing plan in place to make your campaign work out.

Having a solid marketing plan in place means you also have a scaling strategy in place, which includes various things like:

  • ensuring that your supplier is prepared to scale with you
  • ensuring you have defined ad strategies in place when it comes to aggresively advertising the product
  • ensuring you can handle increased customer queries: answeing calls & replying to tickets etc

In short, the work out there is greater than you might expect, so you have to be prepared for your next moves.


Dropshipping is a fantastic way to learn about eCommerce & when it is done right – it can bring fortunes for you.

Mistakes are inevitable & if you really have the passion & persistence to work – you can learn from your mistakes.

But prevention is better than cure – this is so true. That is why when you start out with dropshipping, it becomes important to be aware of the common dropshipping mistakes that people often do.

To succeed in dropshipping is not easy – however, by avoiding the mistakes I’ve mentioned above, you’ll be able to make the hard way easier.

Happy Dropshipping!

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