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Spocket Review: Is it a good alternative to AliExpress & Oberlo for Dropshipping?

With the advancement in tech & growth of digitization, new tools are being introduced for every industry to make our lives easier & better. The same goes with the Ecommerce dropshipping industry.

Years ago, people had no choice but to use AliExpress – and the major downside was the poor quality of products & unprofessional vendors in the marketplace.

But since dropshipping has been a popular topic for years now, more & more alternatives are being introduced in the market.

One such tool is the Spocket: which is an ultimate alternative to AliExpress, Oberlo & other marketplaces, in terms of many aspects. With Spocket, you pave the way to a seamless dropshipping journey.

However, the concern is that Spocket is not a free tool & you would need to pay for its subscription. But, are the prices actually worth it?

Does Spocket really makes your dropshipping journey easier & better? So you could make big chunks from the Ecommerce market via Dropshipping?

This article has got you covered, let’s dive in to understand important things to know before using Spocket:

What is Spocket? – Features Overview, Type of Products & Pricing

Spocket is a dropshipping tool cum marketplace that offers high-quality products from the US and EU suppliers; whilst enabling various dropshipping business operations such as products importing, orders fulfillment & much more.

The Unique Selling Point for which Spocket thrives is that it thoroughly picks suppliers from the US & EU; as a result of which, there are high-quality products in the Spocket marketplace as compared to other marketplaces like AliExpress & Oberlo (Which mostly has Chinese suppliers & manufacturers)

#Spocket Features In A Nutshell:

  1. Marketplace for Dropshipping Products: Spocket is primarily a marketplace where you can find tons of high quality products across various popular categories.
  2. Store Integrations: Spocket seamlessly integrates with many ecommerce store building platforms, including, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Shopify, Wix, Felex, Ecwid, Squarespace, Square, AliBaba, AliScraper & KMO Shops.
  3. Products Importing: Once you integrate your store with Spocket, you would be able to import products to your store on one-click. While importing, you would be able to choose the product variants you want, edit the description/title & modify other details; so you don’t have to do editing by logging into your store. All is pre-done while importing.
  4. Inventory Numbers Syncing: Never Run Out of Stock on your Store – Spocket keeps a track on the products you’ve imported & hence keeps you informed & updated with the available number of stocks.
  5. Orders Fulfilment: Another great feature by Spocket is the automatic & seamless orders fulfillment. Which means, when customer places an order on your store, the order is automatically forwarded to the supplier. (if store is synced)
  6. Easy to Sort & Filter: Just like other dropshipping marketplaces, Spocket allows you to sort products based on many helpful filters, including “Shipping Country”, “Fast Shipping USA”, “Under $5 USA”.
  7. Order Sampling: There are many dropshippers who prefer to test the product by ordering sample, before selling it to their store. Spocket offers an order sampling feature that is obviously a very useful feature.
  8. Sell Globally: You can dropship products from Spocket worldwide
  9. MarkUp Tool: Spocket has an inbuilt profit markup tool that lets you adjust prices throughout your store automatically based on criteria you set

# Is Spocket Free? | Spocket Pricing

Unfortunately, Spocket no longer offers a free plan.

There is a free plan but it is not beneficial as it only allows you to view the catalog of products. That’s it. Earlier, Spocket used to offer a few products importing in the free plan.

The paid plans of Spocket are as follows:

1. Starter Plan: $24 per month

  • Allows you to import upto 25 products
  • Email Support

2. Pro Plan:

  • Allows you to import:
    • Upto 250 products
    • Upto 25 premium products (highly discounted & fast shipping products)
  • Branded Invoicing
  • Chat Support

3. Empire Plan: $99 / Month

  • Allows you to Import:
    • Upto 10,000 products
    • Upto 10,000 premium products (highly discounted & fast shipping products)
  • Branded Invoicing
  • Chat Support

# What Products & Categories does Spocket Marketplace Offer?

Spocket has a great selection of products across many categories, including:

  • Clothing
  • Jewelry & Lifestyle Accessories
  • Tech Accessories
  • Kids & Babies
  • Toys
  • Footwear
  • Bath & Beauty
  • Pets
  • Home & Garden
  • Sports & Outdoors
  • Gifts
  • Automotive
  • Seasonals
  • Festivals & Parties

You can search for products in the Spocket marketplace use various filter options, including:

  • Shipping From Country
  • Shipping To Country
  • Shipping Time (Filter option starting from “1-3 days”)
  • Item Cost
  • Shipping Cost (Filter options starting from “Free” “$5 or less”)
  • Supplier Name (Filter option to include “Top Suppleirs”)
  • Other filter options (Premium Products, Highly Discounted Products, Best Sellers)

Is Spocket Good For Dropshipping? How Does It Benefit Me As A Dropshipper?

# Spocket is Easy to Use

Spocket is an all-in-one dropshipping marketplace cum tool that helps you streamline most of your work from the app interface itself.

Everything is a step-by-step process with Spocket.

It starts with products research – you browse the Spocket marketplace & view product details; to research the product further.

The dropshipping product research part is not hectic since you won’t get to see tons of products & categories – but only thousands – the best part is that most of the products are quality products – so you don’t have to spend time worrying about the quality.

On the other hand with other marketplaces like AliExpress, they list down almost every category & have tons of products & vendors – which makes us overwhelmed in thinking about what to pick & what to not.

With Spocket, the options are fewer & hence you make product selling decisions quickly. If you feel like a product is worth selling, just list them in your importing list & start further research.

Moving forward, as discussed above, Spocket offers features like one-click import, orders fulfillment & much more within.

# Good Quality Products: Backbone of your dropshipping business

If you’re wondering if Spocket has good products or not? Worry not!

The amount of high-quality products in the Spocket marketplace is phenomenal. Spocket has made its name in the market mostly because of shortlisting only quality suppliers on their platform, which makes it a perfect place to pick Good Quality products to dropship.

All thanks to their supplier onboarding criteria & onboarding them from the US & EU; a few of the criteria for suppliers to be able to sell on Spocket are:

  • The suppliers must produce good quality products
  • The suppliers should have their own warehouse, and not third party
  • The suppliers must be willing to offer discount to ensure that dropshippers enjoy good profit margins

# Lower Processing & Shipping Times: Sell to Tier 1 Countries without delay in Shipping Times

Who doesn’t want to sell to tier 1 countries like the US?

Be it an experienced folk or newbie, everyone wants to try selling to the tier 1 countries because they have a high currency value; Thus, higher profitability.

However, In order to craft a brand value & sustain your business in such countries, your advertisement budget is, of course, the foremost thing to look at, after that, the shipping time should never be ignored.

With traditional dropshipping marketplaces like AliExpress, longer shipping times are the major problem – it takes a long time to ship products to the US from China (at nominal charges, express delivery is available but that won’t make you profitable in the business)

If you can’t figure out a way to deliver products within 5-8 days to these countries, your business won’t sustain customers.

Who would want to buy a product, that has a delivery time of 15 – 20 days?

Longer shipping times was a concern earlier, now we have a few solutions:

Solution #1: Find suppliers within the country itself, where you wish to sell

One way to eliminate longer product delivery timings is finding local suppliers that can ship quickly within various parts of the country.


You will have to go through a long way & do the hard work. It’s not easy to find local suppliers – you would have to go through endless Google searches. And when you manage to find a few suppliers, you would have to work on their terms & business policies. I forgot to mention that these local suppliers are not well aware of the dropshipping business model, so you might experience a tough time forming a successful collaboration.

Solution #2: Find marketplaces that have local warehouses in popular countries

Soon after popular platforms like AliExpress & Oberlo realized that shipping times are a major concern for marketers – they’ve started investing in their business to have local warehouses in popular countries – including the US.

You can now filter products based on their location availability in different warehouses.


You might find some marketplaces – CJDropshipping & AliExpress is just to name a few, but these marketplaces don’t guarantee products quality. Also, many times you would come across a product that’s good, but after some of your research, you’d find that the product is unavailable in the local warehouse of your target country.

Solution #3: Pay for Spocket & pave the way to many benefits

This is the quick solution to many problems, including longer shipping times & product quality.

Spocket has arrived as a new marketplace that has plenty of quality product choices that can be quickly shipped worldwide – especially to the US.

You don’t need to worry about shipping times with Spocket since most of the suppliers are from the EU & the US itself.

As mentioned earlier, Spocket seamlessly integrates with many popular eCommerce store building platforms including:

  • BigCommerce
  • WooCommerce
  • Shopify
  • Wix
  • Felex
  • Ecwid
  • Squarespace
  • Square
  • AliBaba
  • AliScraper
  • KMO Shops

# Good Packaging & Branded Invoicing

Spocket offers good packaging services. Spocket also allows you to choose neutral packaging if you want. Another good thing about Spocket is that it offers branded invoicing – which is a great advantage for your store to gain consumer trust & loyalty.

Is Spocket A Good Alternative?

# Is Spocket Better Than AliExpress?

Dropshipper across the globe prefers Spocket over AliExpress mainly because of better quality products & lower shipping time.

Most of the products available on Spocket take no more than 7 – 10 days for shipping – which obviously helps in improving conversion rate & making consumers happy.

On the other hand, AliExpress takes at least 10 days for any product to get delivered, at most, it is 20 days on a lot of products.

There are also suppliers on AliExpress that offers US shipping, but, itโ€™s a bit harder to find.

Considering the quality of products on AliExpress, consumers complain a lot – which definitely hurts the brand value & you won’t get recurring sales, instead, you would be experiencing a lot of returns, if not chargebacks.

Another thing of concern with AliExpress is the packaging. As discussed above, Spocket offers good & neutral packaging and also branded invoicing, whereas, AliExpress typically shows Chinese lettering and the packaging is not the most reliable or trustworthy.

# Is Spocket Better Than Oberlo?

Spocket thrives on bringing vetted suppliers from the US & Europe. Their suppliers’ vetting process might be better than Oberlo, and so they have good quality products listed in their marketplace.

On the other hand, Oberlo has a mix of suppliers – from worldwide. Oberlo also has good quality products but not all products are worth quality.

Since Oberlo sources suppliers from worldwide, their marketplace is huge & you’ll get a wide range of categories & product-finding opportunities, whereas Spocket is still micro.

Talking about the shipping times, Spocket is the winner.

Branding Invoicing is also not offered by Oberlo, whereas Spocket offers.

When it comes to prices, Oberly is fairly cheaper & has a free plan.

If you wish to dive deeper, you can read this article comparing Spocket & Oberlo.

Other Frequently Asked Questions About Spocket

Is Spocket Legit & Reliable?

Yes, many drop shippers across the Globe use & recommends Spocket for dropshipping

How does Spocket work?

After signing up with Spocket, you would need to integrate your store with Spocket. After that, you would be directly able to import products to your store from the Spocket interface. While importing, you’d be also able to edit product details & select variants that you’d like to sell.
Once the store is synced, you’d also be able to fulfill orders automatically & much more.

Can I use Spocket to drop ship to the US & UK?

Yes. Even you’d be able to get products that can be shipped within 1-3 days in the US & UK. Since Spocket thrives on getting vetted suppliers from the US & the UK, shipping to the US & UK would be easy.

Does Spocket Ship Worldwide?

Yes. You can apply the “Ship To” filter to select your target country.

Spocket Review in A Nutsell – Is Spocket Worth The Money?

Spocket is different because it has vetted suppliers from the US & EU; putting an end to poor quality products & longer shipping times

Earlier, AliExpress was somewhat a necessity for beginners to start with dropshipping. The major downside of this was not only the poor quality products but also longer delivery times.

Poor Quality products & Longer Shipping times: Both factors invite many hurdles to your dropshipping business; just to name a few problems:

  • Poor customer traction
  • High order cancellation, products return rate & chargebacks
  • Angry customers & bad reviews
  • Lots of customer support calls

Spocket is putting an end to this by introducing quality vendors from the US & EU – because of which there is a huge advantage in shipping times. You can literally deliver a product within 5 – 7 days with Spocket.

Also, the suppliers on Spocket are vetted, based on many criteria including the Quality of the product.

If you are prepared for running your new or next dropshipping campaign & have some budget to invest in improvising the campaign, I’d suggest you try the Spocket pro plan.


Dropshipping Product Research: Winning Methods & Killer Tools to Try (Step by Step Guide)

When it comes to dropshipping product research, it is not just about browsing AliExpress & searching for products, but, there is a lot more in the play.

Product research is crucial to understand the characteristics of a product; and determine whether it is going to be profitable or not.

From figuring out if the product is getting traction amongst consumers or not, to calculating the profit margins – there are many factors to keep in mind.

In short, product research is one of the most important aspects of your dropshipping business & it should be done right in order to yield expected results out of your efforts.

But the question is, how to do product research for dropshipping? Is there any best way?

The answer is, there is no BEST way & you need to dive deeper to spot out some potentially winning products.

To help you understand how you can proceed with product research & how to identify potential products, read out the different strategies I’ve explained in this blog, all backed by proven results from popular dropshipping entrepreneurs across the Globe.

The research is not going to be EASY, but the efforts are definitely worth it.

By the end of this article, you would be able to research & find potential products to dropship, & furthermore, be profitable.

Let’s dive in:

First Step: How To Know If A Product is Good for Dropshipping – Winning Product Criteria

Knowing how a winning product looks like, is the basic thing to know while dropshipping product research.

The better you understand the characteristics of winning products, the more likely you’re going to pick good products by the end of your research.

Below are a few characteristics of the winning product that you should look at:

  • Problem solving
  • Makes lives easier
  • Mass market appeal – huge interest in product
  • Passionate Audience – Fishing niche, baby niche, golfing, Pet
  • Impulsive buying or WOW Factor
  • Good Profit Margin
  • Is not saturated or no aggressive scaling in the past

These are obviously not the only & mandatory criteria to look for, however – the more rules, the better strategy!

Remember that the above is not a checklist that you need to tick on all.

While some characteristics are optional to look for, problem-solving & profit margin are the two most important to look at.

The key is to test fewer products, but spend more energy in choosing them.

Thomas, Blogger & Dropshipper

Let’s discuss each of these points quickly with examples:

1) Problem Solving Product: Address Painpoints & Sell Solutions

A product that’s problem-solving, sells like crazy! – there’s no denying it. If you’ve done some research on finding winning products, you probably know this well.

Where there is a problem, there is business & money to be made. The same is followed in dropshipping as well.

A popular example of such a product is the “Posture Corrector” that went crazy during mid-2020.

Posture corrector is a popular dropshipping product that was sold like crazy in the past. When research is done right, there are tons of similar products to dropship
Popular Dropshipping Product That Was A Winner

This product solves some major & real-life problems like:

  • Improper posture correction
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Upper Back Pain

Remember that it’s equally important to be able to describe what problem your product solves – in marketing copies, like images & descriptions.

Don’t sell the product, address pain points & sell solutions:

  • Solve real problems
  • Solve Inconvienences
  • Make something easier or better
  • Save human effort/time

2) Passionate Niche

We all are passionate about something. When you’re niche marketing & selling especially to a passionate audience, the conversion rate improves.

A popular example is setting up a dropshipping store for pets. To be more specific & target a passionate audience, you can narrow down the niche to cat pet lovers or dog pet lovers.

There are tons of hobbies, or say passionate niches you can start with – golfing, fishing, mountain biking, traveling.

The list is endless & so are the hobbyist peoples.

Just target the niche that you’re interested in & market the store well – and see the sales flowing.

Below are some renowned benefits of niche marketing:

  • Improved conversion rates
  • Less chances of failure
  • Easy to build a community around your brand
  • Less competitors
  • Easy to stand out from the competition
  • Improved & Efficient business operations

& much more.

3) WOW Factor / Impulsive Buying aka Scroll Stopper

This is probably the most popular criteria for choosing a winning product to dropship.

As the name suggests, products with the WOW factor instantly grabs the attention & curiosity of the viewer.

Whilst there can be many factors making a product “WOW”, some common factors are:

  • How unique is the product?
  • How innovative is the product?
  • Products that arouse curiosity
  • Products that are interesting or fascinating
  • Design & Usability of the product
  • Product has a cool factor

Newly launched products in the market can also grab attention quickly because it’s often unheard of – you’ve never seen the product before and that’s what makes you curious to learn more about it.

When you choose a product with the WOW factor, it becomes easy to create “Scroll Stopper” advertisements – that make a user stop scrolling feed (by instantly grabbing attention) & consumer your content.

4) Healthy Profit Margins

Dropshipping has been a popular topic for years now – the competition is obviously increasing!

Also, with the increase in digitization, more & more advertisers are leveraging popular channels like FB Ads, Google Pay per Click advertising, etc.

These channels work on an auction basis – which means, the costs depend on available ad inventory for advertisers – the higher the number of advertisers, the higher the cost to acquire the ad.

Also, new tools are being introduced in the market & SaaS is on the rise, making the dropshipping operations costly than ever before.

Factors like competition, increased operation costs, etc, have made it hard to sell products whilst generating good profits.

Years ago, dropshipping entrepreneurs have made good money from products that sell around just $10 – $15.

But nowadays, it is advisable to keep away from any products costing between $10 – $20 – because obviously to crack the code, you need healthy profits.

You must choose a product that has at least a market value of $30 or more; so that you can grab a margin of at least $15. This is my personal opinion, not an industry standard.

Remember, you need to play around with various marketing channels in order to generate sales, so keep this in mind & utilize this cost within the profit margin whilst generating sustainable profit- or else, there is an obvious loss at the end of the campaign.

5) Mass Market Appeal

The broader the market appeal, the more you can scale.

By mass-market appeal, I mean products that can be sold to broader audiences & multiple niches.

For example, a pair of headphones can be sold to – any gender, gym enthusiasts, gamers, students, travelers, etc, whereas, earrings can only be sold to women.

Also, when you’re doing print-on-demand drop shipping, where designs are the primary asset, choose designs that can be sold to a broader audience, and not only hobbyists – such as a motorcycle design, can be sold to bike enthusiasts only, while a motivational quote Tshirt can be sold to any audience group.

Do I make myself contradictory as I told earlier to choose passionate niches?

No, it’s up to you what you choose. Both are different approaches & this is not a checklist, remember! Both have their own pros & cons that you need to take care of.

Passionate niches are also profitable but there is always a cap, whereas, mass-market appeal products have a lot of scaling potential & can be scaled to even 6 or 7 figures without the fear of saturation.

6) Saturation or No Aggressive Scaling in the Past

This is the key point – timings are very important when selling a product.

It is important to understand the stage at which you are choosing a product to sell. This stage is basically the time when you pick a product after its release in the market – or say, the type of adopter you are.

There are mainly 5 types of adopters in general:

  • Innovators
  • Early Adopters
  • Early Majority
  • Late Majority
  • Laggards

By Innovators, I mean the marketers who test the newly launched products in the market at the earliest & discover winning products before the competition arises; hence they can grab hefty of profits.

By Early Adopters, I mean the marketers who test products that have shown some traction in the market but are not discovered by many drop shippers. These are also the ones who grab good profits, just like the innovators.

Moving forward, there are early majority & late majority dropshippers, who test products that other stores are selling.

Laggards are the ones who test products that are proven to win, and they just try washing their hands & luck.

The more down you go on this list, the less profitable you will be.

Most of the beginners fall in this laggards category as they pick products that are winning already. The major downside is that these products are often saturated & if you even crack the marketing code to selling these products, you can’t scale it like a pro.

Just keep in mind that don’t sell products that seem to be already sold aggressively in the past.

Although being an innovator or early adopter is really tough & risky (money), but if you crack this code – you will soon be able to cash in 6 or even 7 figures, for sure!

7) Marketability

To make your first campaign profitable, it is also recommended to choose products that are easy to market.

By this, I mean products that are:

  • Easy to Advertise: Products that have good photos & videos, which you can use on marketing copies & ad creatives.
  • Easy to Understand: Products that are self-explainatory & easy to explain
  • High perception value: Products that are branded, innovative or has modern design.

If the product is hard to market, you would face a tough time selling them – common sense, right?

Step 2: Dropshipping Product Research Methods: How & Where to Find Products?

Now that you know how a winning product looks like, let’s look at some of the popular & latest product research methods to find good products for your dropshipping store.

Method #1: Short Video Sharing Apps like TikTok – Latest Dropshipping Product Research Method

Popular short video sharing cum social media apps like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and Facebook Short Videos are being actively used by businesses to sell products, including dropshipping stores.

All you need to do is dig down these platforms to find potential products.

Potential products on these platforms can obviously be spotted by looking at the engagements (number of likes & comments

You can browse short videos or search via hashtags like #tiktokmademebuyit on these platforms. You can discover more popular hashtags by looking at what others are using.

Finding products on short video-making platforms like TikTok takes time, but the research is definitely worth it.

I’ve also seem people promoting products on Facebook Short videos & YouTube Shorts – don’t miss to keep an eye on these platforms as well.

Method #2: Check YouTube Videos

YouTube is also a great place to find good & potential products. Since it is the world’s biggest video search engine, people are making good business via it.

There are many dropshippers & ecommerce sellers that leverage YouTube to generate sales.

In order to find products from YouTube videos, that you can dropship, try searching for videos like:

  • Top gadgets under {price range}
  • Best products on Amazon
  • Best gadgets for {audience type or hobby} | Example – Best gadgets for bloggers, mountaineers, carpenters

& so on…

The ideas & videos are endless on YouTube.

Browse also through the related video section & note down the products that fit well as per your dropshipping campaign.

Method #3 : Adverts on Social Media Feeds

This is also a popular product research method, especially for dropshipping.

What you need to do is scroll through social media feeds to find adverts. This is kind of a spy method where you keep an eye on products that are actively being marketed.

What you click on is what you’re going to get – to get more adverts on your feed, engage with ecommerce adverts.

If you click on eCommerce ads – you’re going to see more ecommerce ads on your feed.

The anatomy behind the process is that social media platforms like Facebook & Instagram keeps a track of your activity & interests.

These factors (activity, interests, behaviour, etc) are used by advertisers to target the right audience while running adverts – you probably know this if you’re getting into dropshipping.

Just don’t overdo clicking on ads! Someone else is paying for each click you do.

Method #4: Search on Amazon: The Biggest Marketplace

Amazon is an eCommerce giant, which makes it a great place for researching & finding new & in-demand products.

Amazon can be super valuable for dropshipping product research because the winners on Amazon are likely to be the winning products for your store as well.

Pick products that have some decent sales on Amazon, & find the same (or similar) product on AliExpress or another portal to see if you can dropship them.

Sometimes, when you shortlist a product from Amazon, you won’t find the exact same product to dropship, but something similar can also be sold – that solves the same problem.

Best Sellers Category

Amazon lists the best-selling products of their platform under the best sellers space – a space that lists the most popular products on their platform, based on sales and is updated hourly.

This list is of course available publically.

You can browse best-selling products under different niches by navigating from the category list on the left sidebar.

Amazon Best Sellers is a good place for dropshipping product research
Amazon Bestsellers category to find best selling products

Movers & Shakers

Similar to the Amazon best sellers category as discussed above, Amazon Movers & Shakers category lists down the products that have gained sales rank in the platform.

A product gains a sales rank when it’s selling well, getting good reviews & is actively searched by users. There are many more hidden factors but the category is definitely worth viewing if you’re researching products.

Movers & Shakers category in Amazon is another place to search potential dropshipping products
Amazon Movers & Shakers category to find products that have gained sales rank in the platform

Method #5: AliExpress

This is probably the most common method that everyone knows. Since AliExpress has always been the topmost choice for dropshippers in the past, there are tons of winning products in the portal.

Just browse through the AliExpress marketplace & categories inside it, you will definitely spot a lot of potential products.

When looking for products in AliExpress, check the number of sellers offering a product & the number of orders each of them has got.

A product sold by 5 – 10 sellers means the product is in high demand, but if the average overall number of orders seems high – avoid that product, it could be a saturated one.

When researching products on AliExpress to dropship, look at the following few factors:

  • Ratings & Reviews: to determine the quality of the product
  • Number of orders: to understand the scale at which product is selling in the market
  • Number of sellers selling the same product: if there are too many sellers selling the same product, it’s likely to be saturated, but also selling well in the market. You need to make your own alalysis.
  • Marketing content availability: like Images & vides, as we discussed earlier in this article.

Remember: Products saturation is a complex topic and instead of worrying about product saturation, spend more time finding the ones that aren’t saturated.

Also, use the AliExpress Dropshipping Center feature, which is a built-in tool within AliExpress, allowing you to view products that are selling the most.

Dropshipping Product Research Tools To Leverage (Free & Paid)

1) Asify – Chrome Extension (Free to use)

Asify is a popular chrome extension that helps you with dropshipping product research with AliExpress in many ways.

This tool basically lets you:

  • View product sales statistics: Daily product sales & countries where the most orders are coming in from
  • Search for products: Based on useful filters & sorting options like price, number of orders, reviews & ratings, keywords, products with video available, shipping country, processing time & much more
  • Product sales activities & top products: Display the sales progress on any category (or all combined) over a period of 15 to 30 days ~, as well as the TOP products

This tool also has a feature named CA simulator that lets you view the possible profitability of your product, according to the price & other factors you insert, like the delivery location, type, etc.

UPDATE: ASIFY seems to be not working for all users across the Globe. You need to install the extension & check compatibility with your browser & location.

Facebook Ad Library (Free to use)

This is one of the most powerful spying tools that one can use for dropshipping.

Facebook Ad Library is an open-source library offered by Facebook that allows anyone to check the active advertisements being run by a page or organization.

All you need to do is keep this tool in mind & whenever you come across any competitors dropshipping store, you just need to find their Facebook page name & search it on the Facebook ad library; This would then show up all the active adverts, if any, being run by that page.

Now, by looking into the adverts, you will get an idea of how the product is performing.

Just use your common sense & analyze their ad copies.

One important thing to look at is the date from which the ad is actively running. An ad running for a long time indicates that it’s performing well. See the example below:

Facebook ad library is a good tool for dropshipping product research as it allows you to check active adverts being run by a Facebook page
Facebook Ad Library – An open source tool to check adverts being run by Facebook Pages

Niche Scraper: Spy on Winning Products (30-day Free Trial)

Niche Scraper is a powerful dropshipping product research tool that helps you discover winning products by using various research methods.

You can search products from AliExpress & Shopify, based on various specific filters like:

  • Category
  • Sub-Category
  • Number of Weekly Orders
  • Product Price

& other advanced in-built filters like: Competition Score, Growth Rate, AliScore, Top Country & more.

Niche Scraper - Dropshipping Product Research & Spying Tool
Niche Scraper – Dropshipping Product Research & Spying Tool

Using these filters allows you to see how saturated or competitive the product is.

Other Features of Niche Scraper tool:

  • Curated list of hand-picked products: A frequently updated list of winning products in the market. Hand picked every day with suppliers, ad examples and other factors
  • Video Maker: This feature allows you to create videos for your ad copies. A very handy tool for beginners as well as experienced.
  • Store Analyser: A great feature that helps you spy on competitor stores by revealing sensitive stats like: best selling items, traffic, sales estimates etc

Ecom Radar – Google Chrome Extension (Free to use)

Ecom Radar is a very useful Google Chrome Extension that helps you with dropshipping product research on Facebook.

This tool basically allows you to eliminate organic posts from your Facebook news feed, so you can see only adverts.

This way, you can absolutely save time in finding profitable eCommerce products to sell.

Sell The Trend (Free Trial Available)

This tool is a complete suite for dropshippers to research winning products & automate various dropshipping tasks.

Sell The Trend - Popular Dropshipping Tool with many features including product research
Sell The Trend – Popular Dropshipping Tool with many features

Below are some of the core features of this tool:

  • Products Research: Sell The Trend has more than one type of product exploring tool to help you find the right & best selling products from the market.
  • Products Importing: Seamlessly import products & its content to your store on one click.
  • Orders Fulfilling: They have an extension that allows you to fulfill order easily, on one click.

The tools helps you find & choose products based on the following few criterias:

  • Number of orders on product
  • Number of stores selling the product
  • Product Costing
  • Product Selling Price
  • Possible Profit Margins
  • Sales revenue generated
  • Time when the product was spotted

and a few more factors….

Try Sell The Trend on your own with their free trail & see if it works for you.

Ecom Hunt (Free to use)

This is yet another useful tool for dropshippers to hunt down popular & best-selling products in the market. The organization claims to have a team that manually scans the marketplaces & handpicks the best selling products for you to dropship.

Ecom Hunt is a popular tool & recently they’ve added new features to the tool, including the Store Hunter. This feature allows you to spy on other eCommerce stores so that you get the right insights to make informed decisions on your campaign.

Ecom Hunt - Dropshipping Product Research Tool
Ecom Hunt – Dropshipping Product Research Tool

Other features include:

  • Targeting Suggestions
  • Facebook Ad Examples
  • Instagram Influencers List
  • AliExpress / Ebay Analytics

& more…

The best part about this tool is that the basic version is free to use – however, comes with a very limited features.

Not everything comes with the free & basic plan, but it’s definitely worth it to use this tool. Visit Ecom Hunt.


Dropshipping is obviously an awesome way to build your eCommerce empire & generate wealth. However, due to the low barrier to entry, there are many who does not take this business model seriously.

By leveraging the right strategies & tools, you pave the way to a successful eCommerce business.

Just do everything right & give your 100%!

Tools have made our lives very easy so don’t forget to check out the tools I’ve mentioned above.

Anymore questions? Feel free to let me know in the comments section.

Also, what is your best product research method & when are you planning to start your dropshipping journey, do let me know in the comments, I am eager to know ๐Ÿ™‚

All the best!

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Strategies for Coaching Businesses to attract Students

With the increasing numbers of students looking for education online, leveraging the power of digital marketing has become crucial for coaching & educational institutes.

When lockdowns were imposed, in almost every country across the Globe, many industries were disrupted including the education sector. The scenario led to a surge in internet users globally and so the growth in opportunities for businesses in the education space.

But the question is,

How to advertise my coaching classes in 2022 & beyond?

By utilizing an integrated digital marketing approach that helps improve the overall visibility of your coaching business on major digital channels like:

  • Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc)
  • Video Marketing Channels (YouTube)
  • Forums / Question-Answer Sharing Platforms like Quora
  • Search Engines (Google, Bing) via SEO
  • Content Marketing Channels (Blogging)
  • Local Digital Marketing Channels (Google My Business, JustDial, etc)
  • Email Marketing (Email is one of the top marketing distribution channel for both B2C and B2B)
  • Search Engine Advertising (Ads on Search Engines)

This is also known as omnichannel marketing.

Having a Website for your Institute is the first step!

To attract more students from the above digital marketing channels, the most important part is having your own WEBSITE.

Without it, you can’t implement some of the powerful digital marketing concepts like Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, etc.

While researching around the education industry (India, to be specific), I’ve personally noticed that tons of institutes, especially small coaching centers & tuitions that don’t own a website. These institutes are missing a lot of opportunities.

With digitization, tech has changed the possibilities in the E-learning & Online Education industry & there is big money on the table. According to Statista, the projections show the e-learning market worldwide is forecast to surpass 243 billion U.S. dollars by 2022. (Source)

Your institution’s website will serve as a hub to direct potential students & generate leads. Without a website, things will be very tough for you.

In case you haven’t secured a domain name & hosting for your coaching institute, do it right away or you’ll lose it. Check your website name availability on Hostgator here.

Now let’s look at some of the digital marketing strategies in detail to help you attract more students for your coaching classes, institutes, or tuitions:

Digital Marketing Strategies for Coaching Classes: Promote Your Institute

1. Craft a Community for your Coaching Classes

Your fans, followers, subscribers, etc are your community.

Community creation is an effective marketing strategy for businesses or brands, it includes building & nurturing the community of your fans/audience so as to encourage them to engage with your brand.

As an institute, it would be smart to create & grow your own community by sharing valuable content with the followers & engage with them.

It could be a community around subjects you teach – or maybe niche-specific communities – for example, separate groups for Tech & Non-Tech courses.

Below are some platforms from where you can grow & nurture your community:

  • Facebook Groups: You can create your own education group & share valuable content with the group members, whilst also letting the members ask questions, doubts & interact with each other
  • Forums: You can utilize education forums that are relevant to what you teach. Forum is a place where people create threads & ask their questions.
  • Quora Answers & Spaces: Quora is a popular Question-Answer Platform that allows users to ask questions. This is a place where you can find many potential students searching for answers. Answer questions that students are looking for & attract those who likes your answer.
  • Social Media Pages: Create your coaching business page on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc

Above are a few examples. There are many more places where you can build your brands’ fan following. This fan following is your community & once you succeed with keeping them engaged & growing, you will discover a lot of hidden opportunities to generate free & passive leads.

2. Quora Marketing

Quora is a website where people can ask & answer questions. It could be a goldmine of leads for coaching institutes if leveraged well.

This is a place where your target audience (students) are searching for answers & you can answer their questions & clear their doubts to attract them & stand as an expert leader in the industry.

Quora screenshot to show how effective is Quora marketing for coaching institutes, as a part of their digital marketing strategy

This American Question-Answer website is one of the most popular websites on the internet.

The best part is that Quora has good discoverability potential on search engines as well. This means that Quora questions-answers are ranked well on search engines & many users land on Quora when looking for answers on Search Engines.

This way, Quora also helps drive huge organic traffic (indirectly) for you. See the example below:

Google SERP screenshot to show the visibility power of Quora & how institutes can use Quora to answer questionss asked by students

3. Leverage Content Marketing

If you think of content marketing as filling your web pages with content & sharing on social media channels, then you are getting it wrong – content marketing needs much more than this.

Did you know that content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing & generates 3x more leads?[1]

With content marketing, the sky is the limit. It helps you accomplish many goals for your business, including:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Brand Credibility & Loyalty
  • Leads Generation
  • Leads Nurturing
  • Customer Engagement
  • Up Selling / Cross Selling

& much more…

Talking about the educational institutes, the potential to get business from online channels is huge, especially after the pandemic – which further necessitated the growth of the online education sector.

The more quality content you publish, the better chances to attract parents or students for your coaching classes.

Below are some ways to leverage content marketing for your coaching business:

3.1 Start a website & start blogging for your coaching institute

A blog is a place on your website where you share articles on a regular basis so that interested users can read them. Here is an example blog.

Websites that also have a blog are shown to have 434% more indexed pages[2]. Indexed pages mean your website webpages that are visible to users on Google)

That means more visibility on the internet – eventually more traffic that you can use to capture leads.

As an institute, you are already a subject matter expert around the subjects you teach – you can create content for your blog around these subjects. This will be your niche.

To succeed in blogging, just start a blog & start focusing on educating students with free content, without expecting anything in return.

Posting quality content & educating your target audience via your blog consistently makes your brand visible on search engines – a process known as Search Engine Optimization.

This visibility will of course attract visitors to your blog – out of these visitors, the ones who are interested in your coaching classes can enquire further. You can promote your classes, in the sidebar, in blog content, at the footer, header link, literally anywhere.

If you have a strong foundation in the blog section, students are more likely to join your institute over others. Talking about parents, they will find you more credible than others.

In short, having a blog opens many opportunities for your business to get discovered on the internet. You could then nurture this traffic as per your business model – to convert potential clicks into customers.

Define your goals

With clearly defined goals, you get faster success!

You can list down goals that you wish to achieve from the blog section of your coaching institute website:

  • Institute Visits
  • Sign-Ups For Demo Classes
  • Generate Potential Student Leads (Collect Emails, Phone Numbers)
  • Educate the audience on what your institute do & why students should join your classes
  • Build a brand

Do Keywords Research

Keyword research is an integral part of digital marketing. Investing time in doing keywords research for your blog can help you effectively create content pieces that users are looking for.

Keywords are basically the search terms that users type on search engines to find the information they need. Such as if you are landing on this page from search engine results pages (like Google results), the sentence/words you’ve typed are keywords for which this blog is visible – ranking.

Before planning out your blog topics & start writing, take some time to play around with free keyword research tools so you could cover information that people are looking for.

Some tools you can use for keywords research:

  • Google Keywords Planner
  • UberSuggest by Neil Patel
  • Keywords Everywhere
  • Answer The Public
  • Google Auto Suggest

Analyze Competition

As a part of your blogging strategy, take some time to analyze what other coaching institutes are doing & learn from them.

When writing for a topic, see how many web pages are already published around that topic by checking the number of search results, it will help you differentiate between the competition of various keywords.

Also, deeply analyze the pages that are ranking for your target keywords –

  • Look for value(s) they are providing & how well they are educating their readers
  • what is making you stick to their content
  • How the content & content structure is crafted?
  • Do they also freebies with the content?
  • how deeply they have elaborate on the topic, does they missed anything to add that I could write on?
  • Do you face any bad experiences with the pages on the first results? can you improvise that on your blog post?

Create A Blogging Plan

Once you’re up for the blogging game, remember to create a blogging plan in advance so that you stick with the work & efforts required to achieve your goals.

Posting Consistency/Frequency & content relevancy helps google better decide on how, where & to which users to syndicate your content.

Forget about the keywords, forget about SEO, focus on providing real content & at last – spend some time optimizing your blog post. If there is a content idea, there are readers too – sooner or later, readers will come.

Here’s are two essentials of a good blogging plan:

  • Posting-Frequency: at least 3-5 blogs a week
  • Pillar Articles: at least 3-5 a month

Optimize for leads generation

Optimize your entire blog & blog posts for leads generation to make the most out of your website visitors.

You can strategically create leads generation opportunities on your blog – like sharing free Ebooks, exclusive content, guides, etc.

Some content type ideas coaching institutes can share :

  • Tutorials
  • Ebooks
  • Elearning
  • FAQ Series around your course
  • Previous year question papers
  • Sample question papers
  • Mock test papers

& more ideas you can get while you do competition analysis & execute other digital marketing strategies to promote your coaching institute.

3.2 Content Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the coolest trends in the digital market – it can be said as the best amongst all other marketing strategies in 2020 – when the pandemic increased the number of internet users, as well as the average time a user spends on the internet.

For most of the topics, video content can work better than blogs; also with video content, you are targeting a majority of internet users – the lazy users, who prefer to watch videos.

Over 60% of the businesses are creating & publishing more & more videos every single day or week to increase discoverability on the world wide web.[6]

Type of videos you can create as an educational entity:

  • Long Videos: Tutorials, Courses, Series, etc
  • E-Courses
  • Short Videos: For YouTube
  • Short Educational Digest Videos: Videos that you could target on short video sharing apps like Instagram Reels

Platforms from where you can target students for your course via Video Marketing

  • YouTube – #1 Video Search Engine
  • Vimeo
  • Facebook Videos
  • Instagram Videos (Feed & IGTV)
  • Short Video Apps – Instagram Reels

4. Local Digital Marketing

Would you prefer a coaching class that is 50KMs away from your location? Probably “NO”, until the coaching classes are exceptional & worth traveling.

In most cases, students or parents would prefer coaching institutes that are nearby their location.

Now how to target such an audience nearby?

Through local digital marketing (sometimes referred to as Local SEO) – which has emerged as one of the most effective ways to grow your local business online.

Modern people are internet savvy & why would not they be? The Internet has made almost everything accessible at or fingerprint.

Every single day, millions of people are performing local searches to find nearby businesses/stores they want to find. In the past five years, searches that include “near me” have increased to 90 times what they were 5 years ago.

Google trends data of Near me searches to show why coaching centers should work for local digital marketing or local SEO

For every local coaching institute, the target audience lives nearby – thus it makes sense to prepare yourself for local digital marketing.

4.1 Claim Your Google My Business Listing Profile

The first step to local digital marketing is the creation of a google my business listing profile.

Google My Business is a free service by Google that allows local businesses to create their business profiles so that nearby users can discover their business online.

GMB listings often comes up at the top results when someone searches for local businesses

An image too show how google my business listing can help coaching institutes get discovered in searches

With a Google my business listing, you can connect with nearby prospects (students or parents) searching for coaching classes like yours.

You can share information about the subject(s) you cover, class type, operating hours, photos (batch photos, infrastructure, etc) – sharing as much information as possible would allow potential students to get informed about your coaching institute – eventually encouraging potential buyers to visit you.

You can also use your Google My Business listing profile to collect positive reviews from happy students. These positive reviews will then further help you get more visits to your business.

Another benefit of having a GMB listing for your institute is that you get monthly insights reports that could further help you understand how well your business is performing & what could be improved.

Just make sure to keep all your information correct & invest some time in optimizing your Google My Business listing to get the most out of local SEO.

4.2. Local Listing Websites & Directories

There are numerous local listing websites & directory services wherein users go & search for businesses, services, products, etc.

These portals primarily allow users to do searches based on location. Below is an example search for science coaching institutes in the specified location “Noida Sector 19”

Website directory where you can list your coaching business details

These websites have good authority & discoverability on search engines – they have secured ranks for many local searches keywords.

Below are some local business listings & directories where you can create your Coaching Institute business profile:

  • JustDial
  • Sulekha
  • StartLocal
  • IndiaMart
  • Ask Laila

These directories come with both free & paid plans. Since the free plan is limited to getting certain leads only, a paid plan could help you get more leads.

Before opting for a paid plan, you can do some keyword testing on Google to see what all portals are popular & ranking on the first page – for keywords that a student might use to find your institute.

If you’re a savvy person, don’t forget to use Google Keywords Planner. There are a ton of YouTube videos that’ll teach you how to do Keywords Research properly.

With the Google Keywords Planner tool, you can find more similar keyword ideas to that of your business. Once you get some keyword ideas, hit them on Google & analyze the business listing portals ranking at the first page. For example, if you offer physics coaching, type in Google “physics classes near me” or similar keywords like “physics classes in {location}” & see what all websites are ranking.

Invest in portals that have secured a good position in search engines.

Also, don’t rush for a premium plan at first go, try using the portal for one month or two weeks & test the quality of leads.

If the leads are qualifying as per your business, upgrade the plan.

Also, go through these portals & see if there is an option to create a business profile for free. Creating your business profile will also increase your visibility & discoverability on the Internet.

4.3 Optimize Your Coaching Website For Local SEO

When doing local digital marketing, marketers have to follow some local SEO practices in addition to standard ones.

4.3.1 Keep NAP consistent & build brand citations

NAP (Name, Address & Phone Number) are the main information of any business – so it is important to keep this information accurate & consistent whenever & wherever you create your business profile on the Internet.

Keeping NAP (& other business details) consistent across the WEB helps search engines like Google understand that the business is real & each time this information (if consistent) is spotted on the web, it is counted as a citation of your brand.

In short, citations are mentioned of your brand across the internet. These citations count for 10.58% of local ranking signals[3]

data to showcase why consistent NAP is important for local SEO

So keep in mind to use accurate & consistent details about your coaching institute whenever you do onsite or offsite promotion on the web (like profile creation, business listing, local SEO, social media pages, etc)

4.3.2 Optimize Homepage

Your homepage should clearly convey who you are, what you offer & where you are located. It would be good if you could add a few location keywords to your homepage that search engines can pick to better understand your targeting location.

You should also add an address in the footer of your website, in case of multiple addresses, mention all in footer or create dedicated pages, or you can use a single webpage to show all of your coaching institute locations.

4.3.3 Dedicated Contact Us Page

You should have a dedicated contact us page that clearly mentions how people can reach your business – online or physically. This creates a better user experience & definitely the elements like name, address, phone number, email etc are hints to Google to make your page more relevant to local searches.

4.3.4 Implement Local Business & Organization Schema

Schema markup ( is a data vocabulary (or say, code scripts) that was built to help search engines better understand your website.

Local business schema helps search engines understand which local business this specific website belongs to?

This information will be processed by search engines & ultimately will give a boost to your local SEO efforts.

You can read how to add schemas to your website here, or you can browse through the internet to find free tools, there are a lot available.

4.3.5 Make Mobile Number & Emails Clickable

According to a November 2019 survey, it was found that 56 percent of online consumers in the United States had searched for local businesses via mobile browsers.

– Report by Statista[5] on US device preference online reviews

And did you know that 88% of consumers who do a local mobile search visit or call a store within a day?[5]

This means it is important to make your website usability super easy for mobile users. This can be done by making your phone number & email clickable.

To make your phone number clickable so that users can one-click call you, add “rel” prefix with your phone number as a link

image to show how you can make your phone number clickable in wordpress, this should be done by coaching institutes & all other businesses

<a href=”tel:+9188888888″>Phone Number or Text here</a>

To make emails clickable, you need to add link to text in this format:

image to show how you can make your email address clickable

<a href=””>Your text here</a>

4.3.6 Embed Your Location Maps to Website

When you’re optimizing your local SEO, it makes sense to embed a location map to your website so that both search engines & users can use it to determine your location.

5. Email Marketing

Email marketing is the act of connecting with your subscribers/customers via email – contacts who have signed up to your email list & given consent to receive emails from you.

It is a highly effective digital marketing strategy & is widely incorporated by educational institutes.

Despite being the rise of more & more promotional, junk & spams emails every single day, emails continue to be the most effective way to stay connected with your prospects & keep them aware of your content (promotional or educational)

How to do email marketing?

  • Share free content – The content you share on your blog could also be promoted via email marketing.
  • Capture leads via lead magnets – Ebooks, exclusive resources, tips & tricks resources, free webinar, free workshop, etc that requires an email from a user before moving further.
  • Segment your email list for personalization – Once you have a list ready, you would need to segment the audience based on which you can relevant content to the relevant subscriber.
  • Use any email marketing tool that suits your needs
  • Create an automated sales funnel that includes following up with prospects that have enquired about your coaching classes
  • Shoot emails, track responses & improve your email marketing process (email open rates, conversion rates, etc)

6. Search Engine Advertising: Pay Per Click

How about attracting students who are actively seeking information around coaching institutes like yours? It is possible via Pay Per Click advertisement on Search Engines.

Search Engines are one of the most effective marketing channels used by businesses – to market locally or globally. Why? Because someone who is searching for services or whatever on Google is interested around the keyword – meaning is someone is looking for brown formal shoes might be interested in buying as well – the audience is potential & you can convert it.

Someone searching on Google for “best SSC training institute in Noida (or your location)” might be a potential student for all the training institutes offering classes for SSC. All they need to do is submit a bid value for this keyword & your ad will be placed – you will be paying only when someone clicks.

To get started, you can play around with Google Pay Per Click advertisement as there are tons of resources to learn about this platform or you can consider hiring a freelancer to do that. (Ping me if you’re interested)

But before putting any money into the Ad account manager, make sure to get familiar with the basics of PPC advertising, optimization & most importantly “Keywords Research” – which is the basic fundamental in digital marketing.

7. Search Engine Optimization

As we discussed search engine advertising in the above section, this one is about Search Engine Optimization. This strategy might not be of any use for you as for now – if you’re just started knowing about online marketing – but for later, you need to keep optimization in mind at every step.

What is SEO?

It is the process of optimizing your business’s online presence (website) so as to make it more discoverable & reachable for users via search engines.

How it is done?

Having your accurate & optimized online presence on the internet so that search engines can discover you as a business & make you more discoverable by showing you in search engine results. Optimization is everywhere – be it on Facebook, LinkedIn, or your own website – because your website acts as a hub of all information, it is the main place where optimization is performed.

Optimization will follow along with you along with all aspects of online marketing. There can be endless ways to do it & generally SEO is an industry practice following basic important things like –

  • Keeping your business website updated with information
  • Getting link mentions from blogs, media, publication to your websites (are called backlinks in SEO)
  • Keeping your business name, contact information & other important information accurate across the Web (as we discussed earlier)
  • Keeping your website easy to use – speeding up the load time, creating good navigation, avoiding spammy tricks like showing popups that do not have an exit button
  • and endless other factors that affect user experience on the web.

If you’ve heard of Search Engine optimization, you might know the advantages of ranking on the #1 position or at least the first 5 results. And so it is one of the hardest things to achieve in online marketing & the SEO industry is worth over $80 billion.

Businesses are paying in tons of cash to SEO agencies that offer them SEO services & it is a long-term game.

Why SEO is beneficial is because people typing something into search engines have an intent, be it buying intent or getting information. However, you might not be willing to learn more about SEO at the moment because you think it is complex, tough & expensive (it is very expensive).

But it is important to at least have a website in place for your coaching institute with some important pages like contact us, about us, courses, etc. The smart move would be to maintain a blog publication on your website that is very beneficial in the long term.

9. Create Webinars & Offer Demo Classes

This is probably the best bet for you.

A webinar is an event (video conferencing) which is attended exclusively by interested online audience.

When you conduct a free webinar on a particular topic, interested students would register for the event. These live attendees will then pay attention to what you are teaching in the webinar & at the end of this event, all you need to do is promote your institute & those who are interested will engage to join your classes.

It is such an effective strategy that you can bring in tons of students & convert them to join you, if you’re offering quality education.

Human love freebies & that is why most of us are attracted to free webinars.

Being an institute, you can offer free education by conducting webinars on a weekly, daily or monthly basis (as per your bandwidth)

All you need to do is to learn how to conduct an online webinar & promote it.

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Source Citations